Five Lies that Kill Obedience

Sunday we pondered the question, "Where is the joy?"  If Jesus' birth was announced as "good news of great joy" then what happened to it?  We then looked at three sources of joy for the Believer, one of which was obedience.  What follows is an excerpt from some reading I was doing last week.  The articled was entitled 5 Lies that Kill Obedience and it's worth your consideration.  Read and ask yourself if you are believing any of these lies.

1. “You are above this”- the lie is “You are better than this.” When you believe this lie, you think you are entitled to fame and recognition, always something bigger and better than your church is asking you to do.  In reality, you are only entitled to be called a child of God, and that right was purchased by Christ.  If you think you are above the job and task, you will not persevere in obedience.

2. “You are below this”- this sounds like, ‘you don’t belong, if God knew what you were really like he would never use you so just keep your mouth shut and pray for those who are qualified.”  This lie attacks Christ’s ability to work in and through you, leads us to fear and rejection of our identity as children of god, it is also born out of comparison to others instead of the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ.

3. “If you were better, this would be easier”- this lie shakes our sense of purpose, you begin to place yourself as the focal point of Gods’ work, when things improve it’s because you’ve done better, when they fail it’s your fault.  This lies says, “You are the savior and eventually you quit in desperate exhaustion because you’ve labored without the Savior.

4. “If it isn’t happening now, it never will”- when you believe this lie you lose perspective on the scope of life and everything becomes worthless. You are no longer content in obedience alone but want to see what your obedience will create, you need results if you are going to continue!  

5. “You are alone”- this lie isolates you and makes you think nobody else cares so why should you care?  Your obedience is tied to the obedience of others. What you are really saying is that God abandons His people.

My hope is sending this along is that we will get free of these lies and live in the freedom that comes from the Truth.

Be free today,