Interview / Brad Snyder / ministry Team Leader

In the villages of Romania, mission trip goers like Brad Snyder are greeted by sights of horsedrawn carriages, men walking down the streets with sickles in their hands, and truly hospitable people. Villagers live in tiny homes. Some have tile floors, some only dirt. It’s nothing elaborate.

Through Grand Parkway’s ongoing partnership with Romanian natives Ovidiu and Adina Patrick and ministries like the House of Joy, an outreach center run by the Patricks in rural Romania, many are hearing the Gospel. “You can see their ministry growing,” says Brad who has been on four trips. “Very few people have gone just once; most people who go, go back.”

He sees spiritual growth both in himself and in others. “It’s hard not to share your faith when you’re there because they put you in situations where you have to.” The groups host games and crafts for the children at House of Joy, and visit homes throughout neighboring villages delivering much-needed basic groceries.

During his first trip, the group met a poor family with five children. To connect with the kids, they brought a red soccer ball. Recently, Brad returned to visit. “They still had that ball,” he shares.  Except by now it had faded to white.

Due to recent family problems, the children may be put up for adoption and at the father’s request, may be adopted by the Patricks. “After consistent visiting and working, when they reach the bottom, they reach out to the church,” says Brad. “I can’t help but think this is the right thing, that what we’ve been doing there is what’s needed. That’s why we go.”