How Firm a Foundation

Amelia Fuchs is currently in her first year at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. She was involved in the student ministry and leadership team throughout her time at Grand Parkway. When asked about how this helped her transition into college life, Amelia shared part of her journey.

“Serving on the student leadership team isn’t about being the most charismatic person who voices their opinions the loudest; it’s serving in humility. True leadership is looking outside of my small world, seeing a need, and taking the initiative to meet it,” says Amelia.

She knows she wants to glorify God with her life, and being disciplined in her faith has proven to be important. Some weeks it’s really hard to wake up and go to church on Sunday morning, but she does it for the same reason she reads her Bible and prays — to strengthen her relationship with God and bring him glory. 

In a world so resistant to the Gospel, I’ve been required to take ownership of my faith.

She currently holds a job on campus with an intramural recreation organization. “Being a part of the student ministry has instilled in me the value of working for God’s glory. God says hard work is good and necessary to be a follower of Christ. Nonbelievers see Christ through my diligence and integrity, instilled in me by the Holy Spirit.”

Upon moving to a new place, Amelia immediately felt the absence of community. She says it was a big shock to go from having a group of close friends to being in a strange place and not knowing anyone. Most people knew who she was before going to college and that she stood for Christ. Now she has a blank slate and has learned that having a vocal faith is a critical part of living for Christ.

Amelia is realizing that she is more prepared to be on her own than she had thought. She says, “A year ago I would have had a panic attack just thinking about taking care of myself and living on my own. It’s definitely a learning process, but it is not as daunting or difficult as I had imagined it would be.”

She went on to say that although it was difficult at first seeking out a new church after being at Grand Parkway for so long, she tried her best to keep an open mind. It was important to find a church that taught the Bible, emphasized community, worship, and missions and gave the glory solely to God.

Amelia says that her relationship with her parents has changed since being away at college. “I had a great relationship with them, but I see now that I often took them for granted. I am so grateful for my parents! They worked very hard to prepare me to be successful on my own, and I am so appreciative of that. I cherish the time I spend with them much more now that it is so limited.” 

Amelia shared that the values she learned during her time at Grand Parkway have carried over into college life. She says the biggest thing she has seen her peers struggle with is identity. They identify themselves by the people they spend time with, the clubs they go to, what they do on the weekend or political opinions.

“My beliefs have been put to the test. God really used the student ministry at Grand Parkway to provide a firm foundation of the Gospel in my life, one that cannot be shaken. It’s difficult to speak truth about Christ to a group of people who are hostile toward the certainty of Christ, but their disbelief does not shake the work God has done in my life or make me doubt his character. In a world so resistant to the Gospel, I’ve been required to take ownership of my faith.”