Linger at the Cross

Many Christians around the world are celebrating Ash Wednesday today. Growing up, Lent was just the time that my Catholic friends quit drinking cokes and we had fish sticks in the school cafeteria.  I didn't really get it, and honestly, I still don't understand some of it. But what I do understand is that this season points us toward the cross. Lent represents Jesus' 40 days of prayer and fasting in the desert prior to his public ministry.

While Pinterest is filled with advent calendar ideas, Easter seems to get minimized. This year, I want our families to linger at the cross. The season of Lent picks up where the Christmas story left off. It is a journey that moves us through the life of Christ and toward the cross. So will you join my family on this journey? Let's introduce Lent to our children by being intentional for 40 days.

If you were at church on Sunday, you may have been handed a guide to help with this journey. If not, you can access it here or pick one up at the Clubhouse desk the next time you join us. I hope your family is blessed by this time together.


Jana McKee
Children's Pastor