Formative Friendships

Sunday morning we looked at the question How Do We Grow Spiritually? and one of the things I mentioned was formative friendships.  In pursuing this thought we looked at 2 Corinthians 7:2-7 where Paul gives us a great list of characteristics of a spiritually formative friendship.  We all need these in our lives, otherwise, we drift into relationships with safe people where we banter about the same shtick and never go below the surface.  Our stories are always about past accomplishments instead about present realities, struggles and victories. Such friendships are safe but rarely consequential and usually leave us longing for more.


Here is a list of the questions I mentioned in case you missed them this morning.

1. Who has a place of prominence in your heart?  

2. Who are you living and dying with?

3. Who acts with great boldness towards you?

4. Who is proud of you?

5. Who is your Titus? Meaning, who lifts your spirits just by spending time with them? 

Let's be intentional about encouraging people this week.  Thanks for a thought provoking, life shaping morning together in worship.