Those Last Six Words

The pace quickens towards the end of each of the gospels as you approach the cross.  Emphasis is placed upon specific things and words are marinated in purpose for effect and lingering impact.  This morning I was tasting some of these words in Luke 22 which starts off talking about how Judas betrayed Jesus.  Verse six says this, "So he consented and sought an opportunity to betray him to them in the absence of a crowd."  

Those last six words "in the absence of a crowd" don't sound like much but when you think about it you see how we are all that way when thinking about doing something we know is wrong.  Once we consent to betrayal we want to carry it out in secret where no one can see us as if that makes it less wrong or sinful.  People even say worthless things like, "Well, we are consenting adults" as if that makes sin not sin.  For the record, only God gets to define sin and He defines it in terms of who it is against (Him) instead of who you do it with.  

My point in all of this is this, perhaps what we are missing is the redemptive nature of a crowd.  We use different words in churches like community, small group or faith gathering but when you strip it all down it's a crowd and the point life and Gospel make is that we were created to be in a crowd.  To live our lives in the context of community, be known and stop consenting to bad ideas with people who have yet to see Jesus for who He really is.  Give the silver back and find a redemptive crowd to do life with.

Ten days and counting,