40 Days to the Cross

On Sundays where I don't preach I always get asked what it's like for me and the short answer is, I enjoy it.  Listening to other people preach helps me get better when it's my turn.  Yesterday I was struck by this verse from John 17:5 where Jesus says, "And now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory that I had with you before the world existed."  It is so subtle that it's easy to miss the fact that Jesus valued obedience to his Father more than He valued glory so He willingly gave it up to come here.  This simple sentence sent my mind reeling down a mental pathway which resulted in asking myself the question, "Do I value obedience more than glory?"

After a few minutes I found myself jotting down the following questions to churn my thoughts and clarify my thinking.  I pass them along here as a stimulus to holistic thinking about the what and why of our obedience.

1. Is doing the right thing as satisfying to you when nobody knows that you've
    done the right thing?

2. Are you more motivated by the outcome of your obedience or the simple
    act of obeying?

3. Do you find yourself working your obedience into conversations where it
    isn't necessary so that others will know what you did?

4. Are you as verbal about your disobedience as you are about your
    obedience ?  

Clarifying our motivations for what we do is an essential part of the crucified life we are called to live.

Twenty-six days and counting,