Lip Syncing

My husband and I love to watch when Jimmy Fallon hosts a Lip Sync contest on the Tonight Show. As soon as the beat starts up and we recognize the song, we get excited because we know it. I especially get excited when it’s a song that brings me back to a dance party or a sleepover. A song I STILL know the words to because I practiced lip syncing in my bedroom with my hairbrush as my microphone or rocking out to in my car.

Why can I still sing this song after it’s been 20 ahem...several...years? Because it’s something I practiced over and over without even thinking about it.  No one told me I needed to learn this song because I’d get a prize for knowing it.  I did it because I liked it!

Our kids are the same way...they learn through song and repetition. The Bible verses I know best today are the ones I learned as songs when I was a child. 

There are some great resources for bringing scripture memory through song to your family.  One of those is Seeds Family Worship. They take the Word of God and turn it into catchy songs that I find myself listening to even when the kids aren’t in the car. I love that I’m filling my kids with the Word as we run errands and they fall asleep.

This is the song/verse that we are currently learning on Sunday mornings.  I hope you’ll take a look at it and check out some of their other songs. And here’s the really cool thing...if you purchase one of their CDs, they send you one to give to a friend! How great is that?

Looking for more great music?  Also check out The Rizers!