Friends Worth Finding

We have been attending Grand Parkway just over two years. For the first few months, we showed up at 10 a.m. and left when the service was over, not allowing much time for small talk. We did, however, have the desire to meet other like-minded, heart-minded, and soul-minded people, but striking up conversations in a new place with people you’ve never met can be awkward and uncomfortable.

We soon realized Grand Parkway was a place we wanted to become a part of, more than just filling seats on Sunday mornings. I was anxious to find a community group pretty early on, as I was not only new to this church, but also new to Texas. I didn’t have many friends inside or outside of church. My husband Brandon didn’t have quite the same excitement as I did to go into the uncharted waters of small groups, but he knew it was important to me, so he agreed to go. 

We asked around about potential groups we could visit, and anxiously showed up at someone’s door step one Sunday evening. They welcomed us with open arms, and we began building friendships that have continued to grow. Although we were getting to know and love the people in this group, it mostly consisted of couples who had been married 10+ years and naturally were at a different place in life. We were engaged, about to be married, and felt somewhat lost in many of the conversations. We didn’t feel it was the best fit at the time for us. Funny enough though, some of our best friends at Grand Parkway came from just a few visits to that small group. These are people we are currently doing life with, outside of just seeing them at church.

We visited a second group last fall, and in doing so, found our place in the Grand Parkway community. We have grown in our marriage, our individual relationships with God, and have developed true friendships with people we otherwise may have missed out on meeting.

This fall, we are hosting the Schotts’ community group and are looking forward to getting to know more of you who might be considering visiting or joining a community group. We encourage you to go for it! Whatever stage of life you are in, there are people here waiting to welcome you.