This Sunday, come expecting.

This Sunday, come expecting.

Behold the Lamb Of God


written by andrew peterson | presented by the worship team of gpbc

sunday, december 4 | sanctuary | 8:30, 10:00 & 11:30

Last week, Neil taught us what the Advent season is about, where it came from, and why we celebrate it as we focused on the hope of Christ. This Sunday, in addition to a shaping word on peace, the worship team of Grand Parkway brings you the story of the birth of our King through song. (So don't skip church this Sunday and come early to get a good seat!!)

Behold the Lamb of God is more than another story about the birth of Christ; each song has a true purpose in telling the full arc of the coming and ultimate second coming of the Messiah.

If you have been attending our church for a little while or longer, you will be familiar with some of the songs in this unique presentation! Whether you've heard the album by Peterson himself a dozen times or have never heard it, you will be blessed by how the story is told.

Here is what others are saying about Behold the Lamb of God:

"This is an album about how God saw the brokenness of humanity and then resolved to heal us. It's about the incarnation — God's undiluted presence in the man Jesus. Yes, Christmas is when that man was born, but the story is bigger than Christmas, as this album shows."      


"This is easily one of the most beautiful and thoughtful Christmas albums to reach my ears. It is the telling of the incredible story of the Lamb of God coming to earth. You will be taken on a musical journey that will leave you in awe. It brings our focus back to the Christ child, and it is so beautifully told."