How to Prepare for Sunday 2.7.2016

Below you will find some songs and readings to prepare your heart and head for what is to come at our gathering this Sunday. A mature worship pastor pointed out this week that there is a difference between people gathering to sing and the church gathering to sing. That difference is seen in who is singing, how we came to sing, and who we're singing to. We aren't a random group of people but neither are we a homogenous club that dresses the same and watches the same TV shows. God's bride will gather herself on Sundays across the world as rich, poor, Middle-Eastern, African, European, American, old, young, Presbyterian, charismatic, liturgical, and free church, but every member of this Church will worship in the same Spirit and under the same Authority. Let's show up as pumps that are primed to flow but also to receive.

The Glory Is Yours

How Great Is Your Faithfulness

My Worth Is Not In What I Own

Simple Gospel

Be Thou My Vision

Psalm 146