Welcome Geoff Whitten

I realize that many of you have met our new Student Pastor, Geoff Whitten, but some of you have not so here is a short video of Geoff introducing himself to our people.  Take a minute to take it in so that the next time you see him you can personally welcome him to the team here at Grand Parkway.  Please know that as we continue to grow we are fiercely committed to protecting the DNA of this place.  What that means is that we will never become a religious machine that cranks out experiences for disconnected spectators who occasionally drop quarters in the box.  That is what you call a jukebox, not the Church. The Gospel is far too personal and we’ve read too much of the Bible to believe that is what Church should be.  We believe that Geoff’s presence on our staff will allow us grow while remaining an authentic faith community that loves God and each other.  

We are not perfect but we are “us” and us is a good thing.