How "tolerance" is shaping our kids


I’ve been hearing some statistics that I wanted to share with you in light of Neil’s comments about “tolerance” on Sunday. Research shows that children learn right from wrong by age 9, and faith habits are usually fully formed by age 14. What you believe by this age is generally what you die believing. To that end, what exactly are kids learning today?

This is how “tolerance” is shaping our kids:

• 80% of tweens believe the Bible, book of Mormon and Koran are the same

• 68% believe you can earn your salvation

• 56% believe Jesus may have sinned while he was on earth

• Only 38% believe the Bible is accurate

• Only 32% believe Jesus is resurrected

• Only 18% believe in absolute moral truth

As a mom of young kids, these numbers break my heart. My children are going to school with a generation of kids who are being taught that tolerance is supreme and morality is relative. My job as a parent is to teach Truth; our job as the Church is the same—to make the most of the time we have with these kids each time they enter our doors and use it to instill biblical truth so they will know how to answer questions about Jesus’ resurrection and the accuracy of the Bible.

If these statistics prick your heart, ask yourself if God is calling you to serve, to teach these children while their hearts are malleable. If you feel like you’re being called but don’t feel equipped, that’s ok—that’s MY job! I will help you find a place where you are comfortable serving and teach you how to lead. We have fantastic teachers who are willing to take you under their wing and let you learn from them! 

Paul said in Romans 1:14–15, “I am obligated both to Greeks and non-Greeks, both to the wise and the foolish. That is why I am so eager to preach the gospel.” Who are you obligated to preach to, and are you eager to do it? Are you being called to invest in the lives of children and make an impact on eternity? Our goal is to partner with the family in leading kids to Jesus and helping them become fully devoted followers of Christ, teaching them to be gospel-centered children. Although those statistics I listed above are alarming, we believe we can change them one child at a time, and we need committed volunteers to accomplish this!

We make serving fun and simple, and we have options for times, ages, and frequency. If you are interested in finding out more about serving in children’s ministry, please call me at 281.731.6359 or email me at

You can also fill out the Volunteer Form below and drop it off at the Kids' Building. We are working on our fall schedule and would love some new faces to share the gospel with these kids God has entrusted to us!