Trending: a relational drift

People I Love,

Not preaching for the last month has meant a lot of reading, studying, thinking and pastoral care opportunities for me.  It also gives my soul time and space to notice trends that are happening all around me.  One of the tendencies that I've noticed is that there is a drift to our relationships that ensures that by the time we are forty most of us have safe relationships that are increasingly difficult to find meaningful, enjoyable and worth the effort.  In this relational environment, most people just slowly fade into a relation-less existence or try to act nourished by the shallow pretense of inauthenticity.   The solution is not unsafe relationships, but authentic ones—where we are shaped by the words and ways of people who actually care about us.

Tomorrow, we will continue to look at our lives through the lens of the Bible instead of looking at the Bible through the lens of our lives.  One brings things into clear focus and informs our response to God, while the other makes the things of God seem distant and unattainable so we settle for responding to each other.  Our passage for tomorrow is probably one of the most misunderstood texts in all of Scripture.  However, if we can peel back our culture's lazy take on the Truth we will see that a fertile reservoir of life altering instruction awaits.

If you are out of town tomorrow, then enjoy where you are and bring me back something interesting.  However, if you are in town then let's come together to be shaped by the words and ways of Jesus.

Preaching in hope,