Sunday Recap 2.26.2017

Thanks for checking out our recap from Sunday, February 26, 2017. Below you will find a list of the songs we sang, as well as links to the sermon.

Worship Through Song

The Glory is Yours

Only King Forever

Scripture Reading - Revelation 5:1-14

Holy Ground

It Is Well

What A Beautiful Name

Worship Through Word

Neil, our Lead Pastor, has been preaching through a series called Better..., where we are looking at different areas of the Christian life where we want to mature and grow in our understanding. You can listen to his sermon here on our church podcast or listen to it below. The notes are available below as well.

Deuteronomy 6:1-25


II. How Do We Do This?


*This section on ownership parenting vs. ambassador parenting is from the book Parenting by Ted Tripp 


Two types of parenting:


1) Ownership parenting- shaped and influenced by what parents want for their children and from their children


2) Ambassador parenting- shaped by what God wants to do through us in our children



The difference in these two parenting styles manifest itself in four ways…


1. Identity- where you look to find your sense of who you are


Owners- look to kids for identity, self-worth and affirmation of their parenting.  


Ambassador- not about what I need from you but based on what I understand about God, the Gospel truth and you



* salvation culture vs. gospel culture



2. Work- what you define as the work you’ve been called to do as a parent


Owners- have to turn their children into something and they rely on their resources to do it


Ambassador- have to live as instruments in God’s hands in the lives of their children



3. Success- what you define success to be


Owner- work towards specific horizontal indicators such as academic performance, social acceptance, popularity, athletics as evidence of parenting skill


Ambassador- not about reaching goals but being usable and faithful tools in God’s hands because He alone is able to produce good things in your kids



4. Reputation- what tells people who you are and what you’re about


Owner- children are trophies, they enjoy parading their kids when they do well but are deeply embarrassed when kids sin and often withdraw from relationships when this happens


Ambassador- see misunderstanding and embarrassment as part of parenting and keep big Gospel goal of kids being “oaks of righteousness” in mind as they parents.  God does the work and God gets the glory for who their kids become



III.  How Do We Become Parents God Works Through?


1. We ruthlessly and consistently return to the Gospel


* Romans 1:16


2. We realize that we are raising a worshipper


3. We exercise discipline in our home



IV. Four Questions Every Parent Should Ask Their Kids


1. Do you trust me?

2. Do you feel like you matter in this family?

3. What need are you trying to meet with this behavior?

4. What are you learning about yourself these days?