Houston Flood Relief & Updates

People of the Parkway,


Some of you have asked about giving towards flood relief through the church, so let me speak to that question. We made that option available for some friends from out of town and we will honor their donations by spending every cent on flood relief and helping families affected by the flood in our area. However, we feel that the fastest way for those who want to give towards flood relief is to give through organizations that are dedicated to that specific purpose and set up to respond quickly.  

I would highly recommend www.samaritanspurse.org as a relief organization that is full of integrity and can be trusted. We will have some expenses of our own here at the church, but we will handle those through our regular offering.

No donations given for "Flood Relief" will be spent on Grand Parkway. 

It is the privilege of the people of GP to support and care for our facilities.

a few other updates that I wanted to pass along:  

First, I'm glad to report that no water got in the Warehouse and it has receded to where we are safe for now. There is still a lot of standing water but the building is not in danger of taking on water.  

Second, we are hearing that the Brazos will not crest until Thursday, so lots of people are still waiting to see if their homes will be affected. 

“Once we get a sense of who needs what, we will send volunteers to help our people and anyone else who needs assistance. Let’s keep praying for the water to recede quickly.”

I know that you are eager to help where you can, but we are still in a holding pattern, so I appreciate your patience. Lots of people have evacuated and won't get back to their homes for a few days, so we won't have a reference point until then. Let's be careful to not add to the load of those affected the task of managing our need to help. (Not trying to be a jerk, just trying to say let's be patient as there will be plenty of opportunities in the days to come). 

Helpful information for those who have flooded:

  • If you flooded and have flood insurance call NFIP to submit your claim.
  • The number is 1-800-638-6620.
    • If you don't know your policy number, they can find it using your name and address. 
  • If you don't have flood insurance, you can apply for assistance through FEMA at www.DisasterAssistance.gov or by phone at  1-800-621-3362.
    • Take pictures of everything before you throw it out. Take pictures of the contents of each room so you will remember where it is when you go through the pictures.  Don't let anybody throw anything out until there's been a picture of contents and water levels
      • This will help the insurance adjuster to assess the damage. Have someone stand next to the water line as a reference point. You may want to use Dropbox to load your photos, and ave all of your receipts from any purchases. If you can do so, you might want to order a Pod or storage container because they will sell out fast.  
  • Here is a website that lists established emergency shelters that are set up and ready to receive people: www.fbcoem.org.  

Finally, I wish I didn't have to say this—but I do; keep your eye out for hucksters, thieves and con men who are already going door to door offering their services. Work through established channels or known contacts whenever you can. People are already driving here from out of state and I wouldn't trust most of them.

That is all I've got. I love you and we will get through this. God is sovereign, good and has proven that He can be trusted.