The Necessity Of A Right Rhythm

Worship through song

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Follow You 

Let My Soul Sing

Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus

I Will Look Up

The Heart of Worship

Jesus At The Center

Worship Through Word

Neil, our lead pastor, preached a sermon yesterday titled "The Necessity of a Right Rhythm."

You can listen to his sermon here on our church podcast, or watch it below.

sermon notes

The necessity of a Right Rhythm: Mark 6:30–52

1. Jesus models connection over capacity. Vs. 34

2. The right rhythm orients us towards what we value. Vs. 35-36

3. The right rhythm will eventually lead you to the impossible. Vs. 37-44

4. The right rhythm increases our faith. Vs. 45-52

  • A good rhythm consists of five things: 
    • a) activity: time I spend doing the necessary things
    • b) ministry: time I spend doing the things I am called to do
    • c) leisure: time I use for my enjoyment
    • d) formation: time I take to be spiritually formed and conformed
    • e) rest: the time I take to do nothing