Finding Hope When It Feels Hopeless

Worship through song

Click on any of the following links below to listen to the songs we sang during our worship services yesterday.

Come, Lord Jesus

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

O Come All Ye Faithful

Scripture Readings: Isaiah 11:1–10 & Matthew 25:1–13

Keep Your Lamps

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

All My Hope

Worship Through Word

This was the first Sunday of Advent. Neil McClendon, our lead pastor taught on Hope.

You can listen to his sermon here on our church podcast, or watch it below.

Sermon Notes

1 Peter 1:1–5

1. Because of the resurrection we have a hope that cannot die. | v. 3

a) Hope leans your life forward.

b) Hope reframes what is.

c) Hope prepares us for what will be.

d) Hope empowers us to live with the values of heaven while here on earth.

“Hope structures your life in anticipation of the future and influences how you feel in the present. Hope creates a positive mood about an expectation, a goal, or a future situation. Such mental time travel influences your state of mind and alters your behavior in the present. The positive feelings you experience as you look ahead, imagining hopefully what might happen, what you will attain, or who you are going to be, can alter how you currently view yourself.” -Mary Lamia

2. Because of our salvation we have an inheritance that is waiting for us. | v. 4

a) imperishable   b) undefiled   c) unfading

3. Because of God’s power we are being guarded. | v. 5