Peace As A By-product

Worship through song

Yesterday the worship team presented music from Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God.

You can listen to this album now by clicking the link below.

Behold the Lamb of God, by Andrew Peterson

Worship Through Word

This was the second Sunday of Advent where we celebrate Peace. Neil McClendon, our lead pastor, challenged us with a few questions surrounding the peace which comes from knowing God.  

Click this link listen to his sermon now on our church podcast, or watch it below.

Sermon Notes

Luke 2:14

1. Honesty: What lies am I telling and what lies am I believing?

2. Obedience: Am I consistently surrendering my life to the truths of the Gospel?

3. Service: Am I finding ways to serve others or am I serving myself?

4. Gratitude: Does my gratitude exceed my expectations? 

5. Repentance: As an act of worship am I turning away from sin? 

GPBC 2017 12 10-IMG_5919.jpg
GPBC 2017 12 10-IMG_5860.jpg

GPBC 2017 12 10-IMG_5841.jpg
GPBC 2017 12 10-IMG_5960.jpg