The One Story God Loves To Tell

worship through song

Click on any of the following links for a preview of the songs we sang during our worship services yesterday.

Come as you are - Crowder

Living Water - Ellie Holcomb

Love is a Hammer - Ross King

Nailed to the Cross - Rend Collective

All My Hope - Crowder

Worship through word

Neil, our Lead Pastor, continued our study this week from the book of John.

You can listen to his sermon here on our church podcast, or watch on video now.

Sermon Notes

The One Story God Loves to Tell

John 4:1–10

1. No one out grows the Gospel and no one out sins the Gospel. 

2. God doesn’t take his cues on how to treat you from the way people treat you; v. 4

  • Two shaping questions to consider:

1) What do you know that God doesn’t know?  

2) What does God know that you don’t know?  

Here are a few things that God knows...

a) God cannot be surprised by anything about you.  

b) Every sin you’ve ever committed and will commit were paid for on the Cross. 

c) God’s heart towards you is unchangeable.

d) It’s never too late. 

3. Knowing the right things changes every thing; v. 10

  • Two things Jesus points to:

a) the gift of God

b) who it is that asks you for a drink