The Blueprint Of A Consequential Life


Click on any of the following links for a preview of the songs we sang during our worship services yesterday.

Rescuer - Rend Collective

My Worth is not in what I own - Keith & Kristyn Getty

Holy Holy Holy - Audrey Assad

Lion & the Lamb - Leeland

Holy Spirit - Francesca Battistelli

Worship through word

Neil, our Lead Pastor, taught from the book of John.

You can listen to his sermon here on our church podcast, or watch on video now.

sermon notes

John 3:22–36

1. Identify yourself with Jesus, v. 22–24

2. Know yourself, v. 25–30

a) know your smallness

b) know your role

c) know your joy

3. Believe things that are consequential, v. 31–36

Two things for the believer:

a) a believer has a life that is ruled by eternity

b) belief manifests itself in obedience

John 8:31–47

Two things for the unbeliever:

a) you will never know life as it could be.

b) the wrath of God is still on you. 

The wrath of God is a reference to the settled and active opposition of God’s holy nature to everything that is evil.