5th–6th Grade

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small groups

SUNDAY MORNINGS | 10AM | the warehouse

Sunday morning is our small group environment that's all about filling your life with the truth that will guide you on your journey with Christ. Every Sunday you will find a place where you can be a part of a relevant Bible study in a small group with other students you can relate to.



Wednesday nights | 6:30–8pm | begins sept. 13 | the warehouse | free dinner at 6:30pm

Every student wants answers to the “BIG QUESTIONS” in life.  Who am I? Where do I fit in? Does God exist? What is He like? How do I connect with Him? What is my purpose, and how can I make my life       count? We want to meet students where they are and believe that Jesus can provide answers to these questions better than anyone else. 

rock n rolla

We believe God is glorified when we engage in the community He designed us to enjoy.

See you at the next R&R event.