Child Dedication


We love to see parents and families dedicate their children to the Lord and want to celebrate this joyous milestone in a way that is impactful. As a part of this celebration, parents will create a written blessing over their child and receive a framed keepsake from the church to remind them of their significant role in the spiritual journey of their child. Our prayer is that the dedication process will initiate the foundation for families to fall in love with Jesus with all of their heart, soul, and strength. 



A Child/Parent Dedication is a public ceremony in which believing parent(s) make a commitment before the Lord, their church, and family to raise their child(ren) to know and love God; and their expressed desire to follow His Word as their guide to parenting. This is a practice that goes back to the very roots of Christianity and one in which even Jesus participated; “Eight days later…His parents took Him to Jerusalem to present Him to the Lord.” (Luke 2:21–22) By dedicating their child(ren), Christian parents are making a commitment to God to do everything within their power to raise their child(ren) in a godly way until they can make a decision on their own to follow God. Parents who make this commitment are instructed to raise their child in accordance with God’s standards. Some of these responsibilities include: 

  • Leadership: teaching, training, praying and setting standards for their child in accordance with God’s Word. 
  • Modeling: demonstrating an example of godliness, as well as modeling grace and forgiveness in their lives and home. 
  • Community: participating in a community of faith to expose their child to community worship, discipleship, Christian service and community outreach.
  • Dependence: to seek God’s strength, grace, and wisdom in raising their child. 



Dedications are scheduled during one of our Sunday morning worship services and usually last 5-10 minutes. Each dedication consists of the following: 

Pre-Service Meeting 

  • The Preschool Director will meet the parent(s) before the service to brief them about when the dedication will be introduced and any logistics involved. 


  • The Preschool Director will introduce the family and read the parent’s written blessing.

Pastoral Encouragement

  • The pastor performing the dedication will give the parent(s) a brief word of encouragement concerning how to raise their child(ren) in a Christ-centered home. 

Pastoral Prayer 

  • The pastor will then ask to hold the child (infants) or place his hand on them (if older) while he prays a prayer of blessing. 


  • After the prayer, the Preschool Director will present the parent(s) with a gift from the church and a framed copy of their written blessing. 



  1. Complete and submit the online registration form below. 
  2. Upload 1 picture of your child (if dedicating more than 1 child, a photo including all children is preferred). This picture will be used for the media slide during the dedication. 

  3. Read and agree to our Parent & Child Dedication Commitment.

After you have completed these 3 steps, our Preschool Director will respond and set up a time to meet with the parent(s). Then the staff will evaluate the service calendar and select a date that will work with the existing schedule. (We will make every effort to honor one of your requested dates). Once the date has been decided, it will be confirmed.