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Kids at the Park: 

1st–4th Grade



We'd love to have you participate in the "Eat this Book" challenge!

Capture the hearts of your children with the love for God's Holy Word by joining this challenge. have your child (1st–4th grade) pick up a challenge guide at the Clubhouse desk, complete activities weekly, turn in point updates, and win awesome prizes! 



Kids at the Park cares for the spiritual development of our 1st–4th graders. On Sundays we offer a Christ-centered study that follows a chronological timeline of Bible events. Each week, these stories of redemption through Jesus will be presented through their teachers, video, music, activities, and more. The Bible story and activities are the same for all three services, so families who are here for more than one service should attend worship together.

Wednesday nights during our Adult Midweek Studies, TeamKID discipleship encourages kids to celebrate and discover the Word of God through games, music, projects with a purpose, and small groups. This meets in conjunction with adult midweek studies during the fall and spring semesters. Kids also connect with their peers and families throughout the year through special events like Kids Night Out, camp, and play dates.


These classrooms are designed to be a functional space for elementary kids to have room to move and learn. There is space for leaders to teach a large group lesson along with tables that encourages elementary kids to participate in small group discussions. Each classroom also has a dividing wall that opens to enlarge the space to accommodate larger groups.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Placement & Promotion

Children are placed according to their grade and promoted in June which helps them transition before starting a new school year. If a child is retained, he or she will be placed in the same class again. This is the church policy through high school.

Drop Off Procedures

Drop off begins at 8:15am. After checking in at a kiosk, please walk your children to their class and give any special instructions to the classroom teachers along with any necessary items. Please label all of your child's belongings.

Kids at the Park are given a small snack and a cup of water during the 11:30 service. An allergy alert will be posted on the kiosks when we are having a special snack. If your child has any food allergies please inform a director! Please do NOT send a special snack or drink with kids unless they have food allergies.

If you arrive especially early for a service, you may be asked to wait until the previous class is finished before dropping off your child. It is disruptive to interrupt the class for drop off or pick up, so we try to minimize this as much as possible. You are welcome to take your child to the playground while you wait for the doors to open. 

Pick up procedures

Each hallway in our Kids' Building has a secure door that closes about ten minutes after each service begins and is opened when the service is almost over. When you arrive to pick up your child, you will need to show the security tag to their classroom teachers. If a different person picks up your child a picture of the tag may be presented. Only adults will be allowed to pick up children; they will not be released to older siblings, even if they have a tag. 

If you or your child loses the tag, you will be required to fill out a lost tag form. This is for the safety of your child.



The Little Sprouts Ministry exists to facilitate connections between expectant mothers and seasoned mothers in our church, who will offer connection, prayer, and encouragement throughout pregnancy and birth. If you are expecting a new addition to your family and would like to be assigned a "Nurturer", enroll here.
If you are a seasoned mother and would like to be apart of our Nurturer Team, please contact Krista Hood.