Local Missions


Jesus Said Love is a ministry that visits strip clubs every month and brings high quality gift bags to dancers and club employees. By loving them where they are and building intentional relationships without expectation of anything in return, JSL connects them to helpful community as well as spiritual resources that empower and awaken hope.

Success equals our obedience. If we GO, LOVE and CONNECT, then we succeed. Jesus Said Love is not based on conditions, yet we see an external impact and quantified “success stories” every month.



One child. One hour. Each week. That’s the simple commitment that’s asked of anyone wanting to be a mentor to an at-risk elementary student at Mary Holley & Oyster Creek Elementary.

This gives you the opportunity to bring love and the life-changing claims of Christ into the lives of children.

Training is provided by Kids Hope for anyone interested. If you can’t go as a mentor, you can always support a mentor through committing to pray as a prayer partner. 


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