How We Worship

Worship is the great privilege and responsibility of the church. It is how we engage with God and show Who deserves all the worth. Worship permeates every aspect of the Christian life (Romans 12:1–2). For the New Testament church, there are two ways that people engage in worship: gathered and scattered.



Gathered worship means we get together in order to learn, pray, and sing in worship. As a worship ministry, we desire to demonstrate a devotion to know, enjoy, and glorify God through our lives and to invite others in.

The Bible teaches that congregational worship involves preaching, the public reading of Scripture, prayer, and congregational singing. Ephesians 5:19 teaches that corporate singing is a command for the church, not an option. Our job is to lead singing that is winsome, meaningful, biblical, and worshipful. While we value and use other forms of musical expression, congregational singing is the best means for God’s people to actively engage in gathered worship.



In the New Testament, all the price tags are changed on what it means to worship. Worship is no longer tied to a time of the week, a place, or a certain ritual. Worship is a daily offering of our entire lives to God. Our car ride to work, our parenting, our business decisions, our vacation: every act of our lives is tied to what we worship. (Colossians 3:16–17).

Our desire is that every ministry of Grand Parkway Baptist Church would leave you better informed and better equipped to walk in a manner worthy of God’s calling. This daily walk, whether gathered together or scattered individually, is where worship happens.