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At The Feet Of Jesus

At The Feet Of Jesus

Our relationship with the Lord is just that, a relationship. Time spent with Him in prayer and in His Word, the Bible, are primary ways to see that relationship grow in intimacy.

In order to give you some very practical examples of how to get started, we asked a few women to share different ways they spend time with the Lord.

This week you’ll hear from Elaine Rice.

The more I experience this special time at the feet of Jesus, I’m drawn to Him over and over again.

— Elaine

We are created to know God in a deep and personal way. God draws us close to Himself when we spend time with Him in prayer and hear from Him through scripture. Growing and developing a relationship with our Lord requires an investment of time and discipline on our part. For me, setting aside time to spend with Jesus has been difficult at different times in my life. I have allowed the busyness of life to steal this opportunity from me. BUT it’s the choice that I make now. The more I experience this special time at the feet of Jesus, I’m drawn to Him over and over again.

This spring, I am reading through the Gospels and am currently in the book of Mark. I begin my time with Jesus each day with prayer. This involves speaking to God from my heart and actively listening when He speaks. Hearing from God through Scripture and applying His truth into practice is also essential to developing this relationship. I usually read a passage several times, use several resources to delve deeper into the context of the scriptures, (I like to use and then meditate on the passage by asking myself questions such as: What truths does this text impart? What commands and/or promises does it contain? What are the implications of this text for my life today? I move at my own pace—some days I reread passages and spend time thinking and allowing God’s truth to saturate and transform me.

Other resources that I use often are and

Elaine is happy to answer any questions you may have about growing in intimacy with God.