Service Times/Directions

Recurring Event All Adults Bible Study

All Adults Bible Study

Grand Parkway Baptist Church 12000 FM 1464, Richmond, Texas

Christian Story: The Bible is one unified story about God redeeming His people. Knowing this story is foundational to understanding God and yourself. This is a core class that we desire for all our people to experience.

Recurring Event Christian Belief

Christian Belief

Adult Building 12000 FM 1464, Richmond

Christian Belief: a Core Class. We will study basic doctrines that help make sense of the world we live in and empower us to experience the life God is inviting us to. Teacher: Leo Almedia

Recurring Event Marriage Maintenance

Marriage Maintenance

Adult Building 12000 FM 1464, Richmond

Marriage counseling for those who don't need it. You will be guided through the 9 key conversations couples need to have throughout their marriage. Teachers: Blake and Jenny Hardcastle