Let’s Worship

The picture above reminds me that there is a time to gather and a time to scatter. There is a time to feast and a

What About Halloween?

People of the Parkway, Every year I get asked random questions about Halloween and our church’s stance on it so let me address some of

Letter From A Mom on Mission

Morgan Daniels has become a Mom on Mission. This didn’t come overnight or without its challenges, but in the following words, she shares the difference

The Candy Store is Open…

People I Love, Thank you for your engagement with the teaching from this past Sunday. I continue to have conversations with different people who are

Two Words…

People I Love, Yesterday we prayed towards our experience with the two beautiful words interruptible and intentional as an essential part of mission. Because it

Stopping For Beauty

People I Love, This week was a solemn occasion in the life of our country as everything in Washington stopped to bestow dignity upon the

Sunday Questions, Monday Answers

People of the Grand, I always welcome questions because they reveal what people think about, how they think and what they wish I thought about