The Greatest Need


With so many tender topics swirling around our world today, there is much to discuss with kids and adults alike. Depression, sexual identity, vaccines, political leanings, social justice, quarantining, social […]



Friends, I have a miserable memory. After taking an exam in school, the generalities of the information would sound vaguely familiar, but the specifics would be mostly gone soon after […]

Let’s Worship

Let's Worship

The picture above reminds me that there is a time to gather and a time to scatter. There is a time to feast and a time to fast. It was […]

What About Halloween?

What About Halloween?

People of the Parkway, Every year I get asked random questions about Halloween and our church’s stance on it so let me address some of the questions here. We recognize […]

Letter From A Mom on Mission

Letter From A Mom on Mission

Morgan Daniels has become a Mom on Mission. This didn’t come overnight or without its challenges, but in the following words, she shares the difference it has made in their […]

From A New Year’s Resolution Flunkie

From A New Year's Resolution Flunkie

I have always been prone to make grand resolutions (any time of year) and then fall short very quickly…mainly because the resolutions were unrealistic to begin with. If you struggle […]

No Midweeks?! 14 Simple Ideas To Do Instead

No Midweeks?! 14 Simple Ideas To Do Instead

Women, With the decision not to have Mid-Week Studies this semester, I have had many conversations with women who are wondering what they will do instead. It’s easy for all […]

The Candy Store is Open…

The Candy Store is Open...

People I Love, Thank you for your engagement with the teaching from this past Sunday. I continue to have conversations with different people who are processing what it means to […]

Two Words…

Two Words...

People I Love, Yesterday we prayed towards our experience with the two beautiful words interruptible and intentional as an essential part of mission. Because it is hard to fully unpack […]

‘Tis The Season To Be Hospitable

'Tis The Season To Be Hospitable

I’ll admit it, I love Pinterest. Very few days go by that I’m not on the sharing site checking out new pins and saving them to one of my many interest […]