How Did We Get Here?

Daniel 1.1-2How Did We Get Here? 1. Not trusting God is a sin 2 Kings 20.1-19 Couple of takeaways…You must decide if you are going

A New Way Of Thinking About Yourself

Psalm 8 1. Glory Glory means splendor, dignity, reputation and reverence. True statements but the wrong emphasis for two reasons:makes the Gospel transactional instead of

Parable of the People

Matthew 13:1-23Parable of the People 1. First person, v. 18- lacks understanding Two words that are helpful: a) kingdom- “territory subject to the rule of

Faithful or Unfaithful

Jesus Redirects Servants and CitizensQuestion: With the time you have remaining in this life, who do you want to rule your life? Yourself – with