The Greatest Need

With so many tender topics swirling around our world today, there is much to discuss with kids and adults alike. Depression, sexual identity, vaccines, political

The Table – January 31, 2021

The All-Encompassing Everythingness of Following JesusLuke 14:25-35Introductory words:“Great crowds accompanied Jesus” – v 25“Accompanying” Jesus is not the same as “coming after” Jesus“Disciple”Disciple = anyone

Call To Fast

Have you ever fasted for spiritual reasons? Whether you have or not, hear a few thoughts on what to ponder as you do.

Let's Worship

Let’s Worship

The picture above reminds me that there is a time to gather and a time to scatter. There is a time to feast and a

Letter From A Mom on Mission

Letter From A Mom on Mission

Morgan Daniels has become a Mom on Mission. This didn’t come overnight or without its challenges, but in the following words, she shares the difference