A Discipleship Group (or D-Group) is a small, same gender group of people meeting at least once a week in pursuit of Jesus. Together, a D-Group learns to follow Jesus so they are increasingly made into His image and engaged in His mission. If you are interested in joining a D-Group contact our Connections Pastor below. 

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The Bible is central and foundational to a D-Group. Our aim is to read about 20 chapters of the Bible a week. For most people, that takes around 20 to 30 minutes a day, which is what we call attainable stretch.

There are two primary ways D-Groups read the Bible. The first way is for the group to agree upon a section of scripture (e.g., The Gospel of Mark twice or the book of James four times). The second way is to the follow the “Read Scripture Plan” provided by The Bible Project.

Let’s face it, starting something new–or even getting to meet new people–can be a bit awkward. The inventory is a simple questionnaire that people fill out ahead of time to discuss at their first group meeting. This will help strip away some of the awkwardness of being a part of a new group and also help start the group off on the right path.  

The HEAR Journal is a simple way to help you process and remember what God is teaching you and showing you as you read and study His Word.

BLESS is a simple acronym to help you identify and establish normal rhythms of life that, if practiced over time, will aid in producing a more Christlike lifestyle.

A place to keep track of prayers, praises, and answered prayers in your D-Group. It’s a great habit to help cultivate a grateful heart.