Core Values

Core values are the governing realities that bring clarity, priority and alignment to all that we do here at Grand Parkway. Our four core values are Gospel, community, mission and blessing. We believe that the Gospel produces a community of people who are on a shared mission and central to that mission is to be a blessing.

By Gospel we mean the good news made available to us in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. What makes this good news is that God accomplished on the cross everything necessary to rescue us from what we deserve. This reality makes change possible for us, but it also makes relationship available to us.

We believe the Gospel is how we are converted as well as the means by which we continue in the faith. As flawed yet forgiven people, our desire is to subject everything in our lives to the truths of the Gospel. We believe this produces winsome, liberated, satisfied worshippers who love Christ and culture. Our desire is that in all things Christ would be preeminent, and we believe that the Gospel is the means by which this is accomplished.

The Bible is clear that “it is not good that man should be alone” because we were created by God, who dwells in community, for community.  Biblical community is the experience of intentional relationships where we experience love, acceptance, pursuit, depth and authenticity.  We believe you were created to be pursued, known and consequential and in community with other Christians is the place this happens.

Being missional is to be intentional. To act and react to those around us with purpose is at the heart of mission. Because our worldview is shaped by the lens of Scripture, we understand the mission field to be our backyard, the soccer field where our kids play and our neighbors driveway just as much as it is Haiti, Costa Rica and Romania. At the core of our mission is Jesus’ charge to make disciples of all nations.

Therefore, we engage the culture with redemption, not just relief, in mind. Participation in what God is doing in the world is something each of us has been empowered and equipped to do. Whether we pray, send or go, each of us plays a part in God’s story of mission.

When God set his affection on his people, he rooted this relationship in blessing. His words to Abraham were, “I will bless you, and you will be a blessing. Through you all the nations of the world will be blessed.”

Because God has faithfully demonstrated this reality in our lives, we now have the privilege of being to others what God has been to us. We do this through missional living, Spirit-led generosity and an intentional posture towards the nations. All of these efforts are fueled by our desire to help others see God for who He really is and themselves for who they can be.