Student Pastor

Job Title: Pastor of Student Ministries

Job Category: Full Time/Pastoral/Exempt

Accountability: Executive Pastor, Lead Pastor, Elder Board

Security Sensitive: Yes

Position Description:

We are looking to hire a singing theologian who lives a Gospel-integrated and Gospel- affected life. This winsome soul does not have to be able to lead worship or even sing but we desire that his life have the tone and timbre of Gospel joy. We want this person to have an integrated, Biblically informed worldview that fleshes itself out in daily life. This person must see the Big Picture and be reflexively familiar with the one Story God has been telling from the beginning so as to allow you to contextualize the Gospel in whatever circumstance or situation you find yourself in. We believe that these realities will enable this man to speak of the only Story big enough to live in and to speak of it in a way that makes middle school and high school students want to live there for God’s glory and not their own. You will be expected to attend student functions and be a pastoral presence within the community. We want you to understand soul care and be able to bring the healing realities of both God and Gospel to bear on the angsty, jaded, beautiful souls of teenagers.

To be successful in this position you will need to have a work ethic because we hire mules not thoroughbreds. A mule gets up and works every day while a thoroughbred waits for special treatment and certain conditions in which he can perform. A sense of humor will go a long way and anyone who simply hides behind an artificial facade of religion need not apply. We are a place of authenticity and our students desire that as well. You need to be able to read the room and sense what the Holy Spirit is doing and not doing so you can know how to proceed with authority. You must also have a deep and abiding love for students, their culture and their inconsistencies so that you can demonstrate grace when necessary and apply Law when needed. If married, you need to be a man who loves your wife well and continues to enjoy marriage. You should be able to stand in the spotlight and hold the spotlight for others with an equal degree of satisfaction.

Youth Pastor Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate a joyful experience with and knowledge of the Gospel, community, mission and blessing that manifests itself in Gospel fluency as well as Gospel centrality.
  • Demonstrate a sense of Calling not just desire
  • Develop and incarnate a ministry framework and plan of execution that involves volunteers, parents, and students in the implementation and then involve each of these people groups in the doing.
  • Provide learning environments on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings where spiritual formation happens and the sanctification process is enhanced for students in grades 5-12. The Bridge Ministry is our 5th-6th graders who meet separately but are a part of the Student Ministry. By separating them we believe this better allows us to invest in them with age specific content which prepares them to stay engaged during the adolescent years.
  • Recruit, train, and relationally develop adult leaders who grasp the vision of the Student Ministry and joyfully contribute to its fulfillment
  • Identify and develop a Student Leadership Team which multiplies you and your influence so that you are not having to do everything. We want our students to contribute to the well-being of their church and not just take for seven years and then leave.
  • Work collaboratively with our Girls Student Ministry Associate to present a healthy model of leadership for the male and females students in our ministry.
  • Provide a balanced offering of events which appeal to the Believer as well as the unbeliever. These events should demonstrate a theology of formation as well as fun.
  • Support the vision, mission, values, and beliefs of Grand Parkway.
  • Develop an annual budget for recommendation to the Executive Pastor/Elders which speaks to the needs of the ministry as well as the vision of the Student Pastor.
  • Practice biblical stewardship financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


  • Vibrant and evident relationship with Jesus Christ which manifests itself in head, heart, and hand.
  • A bachelor’s degree, three to five years of student ministry experience, seminary education or participation is preferred.
  • A working awareness of challenges and needs of students and student culture.
  • Proficiency with computers, social media, communication (both verbal and written), and excellent organizational skills.

Mobility/Physical Demands

  • Employee must sit, stand, and walk.
  • Employee must talk and listen via face-to-face contact and telephone.
  • Employee may be required to lift and/or move up to 50 pounds.

Working Conditions/Environment

  • Typical office and church environment
  • Valid Texas Drivers License
  • Local and regional travel is required
  • Work schedule: regular office hours with some evening/weekends and extended ministry hours

Social Media

  • Caution and sensitivity needs to be used when posting photographs and personal convictions on social media websites.

Miscellaneous Requirements for this Position

Most of what you just read sounds like legal jargon and there is a good reason for it, but for that reason we have included this section to the job description so you don’t misunderstand what this place is like.

  • Maintain contact with people who don’t know Jesus. It will help you grasp the wonder of the Gospel for your own self as well as it will rescue you from becoming a religious lump who just takes a check every two weeks because you believe God’s biggest agenda is paying your mortgage. This will also help with Gospel contextualization.
  • Listen to good music on a weekly basis so as to marinate in raw beauty and in the presence of thought-provoking wordsmiths like Jason Isbell, Johnny Cash, Fanny J. Crosby, George Jones, Run DMC and clean versions of Eminem classics.
  • Take time every week to listen to your life and then do something with what you hear.
  • Spend time with people, getting to know them and letting yourself be known by them.
  • Have coffee with your pastor on a regular basis where you ponder life, mystery, beauty, human depravity, marriage, theology, sports, books, human capacity and current topics. Everybody talks about how “iron sharpens iron” but rarely do we embrace the friction necessary to get sharp or stay that way.
  • Tell your kids something they have never heard you say before and keep pursuing your wife with gravity, gusto and gladness.
  • Live out your Calling.
  • Go to Bob’s Taco Stand, Torchy’s or Fuzzy’s with believing and non-believing students/adults and practice incarnational ministry as that is the most native context for the Gospel. Each are laden with deliciousness and good queso.
  • Work hard not to make this harder than it has to be. Jesus kicked all of this off by announcing simple things like, “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand” and here we are two thousand of years later trying to come up with complex ways to say something that consequential.
  • Live free.
  • Stay gold.
  • Call your mom.

Statements herein are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by employees and are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so classified. Furthermore, this job description does not establish a contract for employment and iS subject to change at the discretion of Grand Parkway Baptist Church (GPBC). Grand Parkway Baptist Church does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, age, national or ethnic origin, veteran, marital status, or physical or mental disability in the administration of its employment policies.