Equipped: How To Practically Love Each Other

Listen to practical suggestions for loving someone who is sick, given by someone who is recovering from COVID. The List:-Pray hard and often throughout the day and especially at night for someone who is suffering. Helpful verses to pray over them: Psalm 4:8, Psalm 121.-Check on them daily – validate their feelings, don’t grow weary of hearing them say they are having a bad day-Offer to listen when they want to vent.-Spouses – sit with them if they feel bad. Give them permission to be sick and rest. Don’t shame them for being sick so long or passive aggressively make comments about it. Don’t even joke about it! No one wants to feel better more than the sick person. -Grocery shop – if you can’t afford to buy the groceries for them, offer to go and they can venmo you the cash-Best friends, and very close same sex friends – offer to pick up sensitive grocery products from the store. This is a very hard thing to ask for.-Offer to pick up prescriptions and take them to their house-If you are at a store, text them and see if they need a thing or two.-Take them dinner- It is safe, just leave it at their doorstep.Take them breakfast tacos to freeze and eat when ready-Gift cards: Door Dash, Grub Hub, Chick-Fil-A, any place that delivers – good for long distance friends, most can be bought online and sent via email-Offer to take them Starbucks, a Boba Tea, or even a Sonic drink. Maybe even social distance, with a mask, while they drink it. This is a lonely illness, and the sick person feels like a leper.-Offer help often and give them ideas on how you are willing to help. Encourage them to accept help from others.