We provide these resources to promote growth in your understanding of who God is and who he made you to be.

Song of Songs 1:4-17

If you were going to fall what would cause it?  What is your greatest area of weakness and can I keep you accountable on that?

Judges 2:1-15

Judges 2:1-5 Judges 2:6-10 Deuteronomy 6:4-9 Judges 11-15 Acts 2:42-47 Questions: Are you someone who just comes to Church? Or are you truly a follower


Seeing Through Babylon

Daniel 8 Unless we learn to see though all that is happening around us and see God as sovereign over it all we will lose


Ultimate Reality

Daniel 11 Four introductory thoughts: Just because the Bible is inspired, that doesn’t mean that every time we read it we are going to be