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Community: The Context of Becoming

Core Values - Community

Hebrews 10:19-25

1. Community is available because of Jesus, v. 19-22

2. Community is plural, v. 24

“Left to ourselves, we will get it partly wrong, but we won’t feel wrong, because we’ll be partly right. But only partly. Truth without grace is harsh and ugly. Grace without truth is sentimental and cowardly. The living Christ is full of grace and truth. We cannot represent him, therefore, within the limits of our own personality and backgrounds.”

Ray Ortlund

3. Community is intentionally deliberate, v. 24

4. Community is consequential, v. 24

5. Community requires consistency, v. 25

  • Hebrews 10:26-31

6. Community is shaped by what is ultimate, v. 25

Mental worship…

  1. Have you ever accepted what Christ has done for you or are you still trying to do it yourself?
  2. Does any part of your life feel as if you are wavering these days?
  3. Who do you spend time with that stirs you up spiritually and makes you want to be more loving and do more good?
  4. How often do you think about judgement day and when you do, what does it make you feel?
  5. What is the most spiritually formative question someone could ask you right now?