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God’s Design for Relationships

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Genesis 2:15-25

1. God designed us for meaningful labor, v. 15

2. God designed us for responsible freedom, v. 16-17

Four words/phrases to notice…

a) “the Lord God”
b) “commanded”
c) “may surely eat”
d) “die”

3. God designed us for a satisfying relationship, v. 18

Two characteristics of this relationship…

a) our spouse is to have prominence and priority, v. 19-23

b) an absence of shame, v. 25

Shame has the power to affect two things in our lives…

a) what we believe
b) our behavior

Mental worship…

  1. If you believed God designed us to be free, how would this change the way you think about God? 
  2. Do you have a regular routine which allows you to exert yourself physically? 
  3. In your actual living, does God have the moral authority to inform and affect your daily choices?
  4. When you think about being vulnerable, what emotions does that stir up in you? 
  5. If you really believed that Jesus died for your sins, would this make a difference in your daily living?