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How To Pray For Your Country Without Worshipping Your Country

Daniel 9
Daniel 9

1. The motivation for prayer, v. 1-2

2. The ingredients of prayer, v.3

  • a) fasting
  • b) sackcloth
  • c) ashes

3. The starting place of prayer, v. 4

4. The nature of confession, v. 5-19

* Notice how it progresses…

a) this is what we’ve done, v. 5-6

b) this is what we deserve, v. 7-15

c) this is what I am asking you to do, v. 15-16

5. The motivation of God, v. 16-19

Mental worship…

  • What most often motivates you to pray: fear, need or understanding?
  • Do you do anything outwardly to reveal to God what you are feeling on the inside?
  • Is your awareness of your sin general or specific and are you aware of the difference this makes?
  • Do your prayers demonstrate that you understand what God is capable of?
  • How will this morning affect or inform your prayers?