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Learning To Live Life With Jesus

Mark 9:38-49
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Mark 9:38-49

Mark 9:38-41 – Jesus Restores John
  • John blew it 
  • Jesus corrects
  • Jesus reassures
Mark 9:42-49 – Insight To What Jesus Values
  • Jesus values the marginalized with protective love
  • Jesus values extreme obedience
  • Jesus values life in His Kingdom

Three Responses:

  1. I’m out – Jesus demands too much
  2. I love Jesus and want to live my life for Jesus – I will try harder
  3. Learn to live life with Jesus

Preaching Class: The Gospel Outline
Here is what the text says
Here is how we must live in light of the text
But we simply cannot do it
Ah – but there is One who did!
Now, through faith in him, you can begin to live as the text says.

Reflection Questions:

  • How has Jesus recently corrected and reassured you?
  • Do you value/love marginalized people?
  • Do your affections for Jesus move you towards extreme obedience?
  • Based on your lifestyle would those closest to you say you are living your life WITHOUT, FOR, or WITH Jesus?
  • Is there something you are seeking to do for Christ, instead of doing it with Christ?