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The Perspective of Hope


Daniel 9:20-27

1. Prayer moves God to action, v. 21

2. Daniel lives in Babylon on Jerusalem time, v. 21

3. God wants Daniel to know what He thinks about him, v. 23

4. Revelation comes with responsibility, v. 22-23

5. Prophecy is for perspective, v. 24-27

v. 24- During this time six things will occur…

  • a) to finish the transgression
  • b) to put an end to sin
  • c) to bring in everlasting righteousness
  • d) to seal both vision and prophet
  • e) to anoint a most holy place
  • a) rebuilding of Jerusalem, v. 25
  • b) the coming and death of the Messiah, v. 26

-Isaiah 53:8

  • c) persecution by the antichrist and his defeat, v. 27

-Revelation 13:5

What does this mean for us today…
  • We know a God who likes to reveal Himself and His plans.
  • We have a cohesive and authoritative Bible that we can trust.
  • We have a God who has been, is and will always be in control.
Mental worship…
  • Do you believe God is moved by your prayers?
  • What could you do without if you believed that you were deeply loved?
  • Are you able to live in “Babylon” on “Jerusalem time?”
  • When you see God’s control over the future how does that affect you in the now?
  • How should the passage this morning shape the way you think about the Bible?