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The M Word: My Money

The M Word: My Money (week 3)

1 Timothy 6:2-19

1. The prosperity gospel is nothing new, v. 3-5

2. Contentment is the goal, v. 6-10

Two kinds of poor Christians referenced here…

contented poor, v. 7-8 

covetous poor, v. 9-10

3. Preachers should be an example, v. 11-16

a) ethically, v.11

b) doctrinally, v. 12

c) experientially, v. 12

– 2 Timothy 1:1

Besides me, here is a list of people you should look to in order to see what this life looks like…

Caleb Miller, Travis Dunham, Chris Sedgwick, Clyde Copeland, Jana McKee, Mike Rice, Leo Almeida, Brent Wildeson, Krista Hood, Gary Cooper, Wade Collier, Jason Dailey, Wade Burgess, Marcie McClendon, David Mertins, Brandon Fralick, Theran Gay, Tommy Hamor, Blake Hardcastle, Cheyenne Burge, Barkley Peschel, Brian McKee, Steve Mittanck, Joe Page, Brad Snyder, Al Williams, Thomas Brown, Jeff Wood, and Ryan Yokubaitis.

4. If you are rich then be rich, v. 17-19

This is what the Bible says to rich Christians…

don’t be haughty

don’t set your hopes on money but God

believe this

How do I enjoy what God provides? 

a) by doing good

b) be generous

c) ready to share- “sociable, ready and apt to form and maintain communion and fellowship. Inclined to make others sharers in one’s possessions.”

“The reason the use of your money provides a good foundation for eternal life is not that generosity earns eternal life, but that it shows where your heart is. Generosity confirms that our hope is in God and not in ourselves or our money. We don’t earn eternal life. It is a gift of grace. We receive it by resting in God’s promise. Then how we use our money confirms or denies the reality of that rest.”

– John Piper, Desiring God

Mental Worship:

Today we read these words, “for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world.” How does this affect the way you think about your money and possessions right now?

  • When you covet what do you covet most often?
  • What is the easiest thing for you to be generous with and what is the hardest? 
  • What are you not enjoying enough right now?
  • Is stealing the only sin you can imagine when it comes to money?
  • What is your theology of money?
  • Can you rejoice with those who rejoice when you are around people who have more money than you?