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The Makings Of A Consequential Life

Daniel 2:1-30

Daniel 2:1- 30

1. Live such that there is weight on your words, v. 16 vv. 7-8

“Life is a matter of choices and every choice you make makes you.” -John C. Maxwell

2. Be respected by those who disagree with you, v. 14-16

3. Pray such that God wants to give you what is His, v. 17-23

v. 20 “to whom belong wisdom and might”
v. 23 “for you have given me wisdom and might”

Few things about prayer… from vv. 17-23

a. have people in your life who know how to pray
b. when facing a mystery ask for mercy
c. follow prayer with praise

Daniel’s prayer reveals four things about God:

1) wisdom
2) power
3) sovereignty
4) knowledge

4. Take responsibility not credit, v. 24-26

v. 24- responsibility
v. 25- credit

5. Demonstrate a humility that knows what to do with glory, v. 26-30

Mental worship…

1. What is your theology of disagreement?
2. What do your prayers reveal you to really believe about God?
3. Do you really need God to actually answer your prayers or do you
believe that if given enough time you would figure it out on your own?
4. Is there one choice you could make today that would make you more
5. What do you enjoy about God and what does He enjoy about you?
6. What questions do you have from what you heard this morning?