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The Makings Of A Consequential Life

Daniel 2:1-30
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1. Live such that there is weight on your words, v. 16 vv. 7-8


“Life is a matter of choices and every choice you make makes you.”

-John C. Maxwell

2. Be respected by those who disagree with you, v. 14-16

3. Pray such that God wants to give you what is His, v. 17-23

v. 20 “to whom belong wisdom and might”

v. 23 “for you have given me wisdom and might”

Few things about prayer… from vv. 17-23

  • Have people in your life who know how to pray
  • When facing a mystery ask for mercy
  • Follow prayer with praise

Daniel’s prayer reveals four things about God:

  • wisdom
  • power
  • sovereignty
  • knowledge

4. Take responsibility not credit, v. 24-26

v. 24- responsibility

v. 25- credit

5. Demonstrate a humility that knows what to do with glory, v. 26-30

Mental worship…

  • What is your theology of disagreement?
  • What do your prayers reveal that you really believe about God?
  • Do you really need God to actually answer your prayers or do you believe that if given enough time you would figure it out on your own?
  • Is there one choice you could make today that would make you more consequential?
  • What do you enjoy about God and what does He enjoy about you?
  • What questions do you have from what you heard this morning?