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What are you hungry for?


1 Peter 2:1-3

  • Malice – ill will
  • Deceit – conceal or misrepresent the truth
  • Hypocrisy – claims that behavior does not demonstrate
  • Envy – resentful of someone else’s good fortune
  • Slander – a false statement to damage a reputation
  • Grow-up – continual but never fully grown
  • Tastes – a timeless action in the subject’s own interest
  • Good – kind, loving, gracious

1. Must be born again
2. Consume the Word
3. Feast on Prayer
4. Be Full to Produce

“…Willpower requires the self-control to do something undesirable or to restrain an impulse. Craving is a powerful desire to satisfy a want or need.”

-John Shima
Questions to Consider
  • Are you hungry enough for Jesus to say “yes” to Him?
  • Are you regularly reading the Bible? Why not?
  • Are you regularly praying? Why not?
  • What is keeping you from actively participating in a D-Group, Community Group, or Bible Study? Are these barriers worth being hungry for?
  • How might you be full in such a way as to impact your world for God’s glory?