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What God Is Doing on the Ark

Return to Design: What God Is Doing on the Ark (week 7)
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Genesis 6

What God Is Doing On The Ark

1. Our response to life is determined by the lens through which you see it, v. 1-7

2. God is constant in His nature, v. 5-7

Three important attributes of God…

a) immutability

b) impassability

c) infinite

Two false views of God…

1) a God who suffers

2) a stoic God who is indifferent

3. God tells His story through people, v. 8-10

Three things about Noah…

a) a righteous man- standing before God

b) blameless in his generation- conduct before people

c) walked with God- a life oriented around God

4. Human morality affects the natural world, v. 11-17

5. God created a world he will never give up on, v. 18-22

Mental Worship…

  1. What is the lens through which you see life?
  2. Did you learn anything new about God today? 
  3. Do you walk with God in such a way that your children have a frame of reference for what it looks like?
  4. What story is God telling through you these days?
  5. Have you given up on this world and are you simply sitting in the lifeboat?