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Why Jesus Finishes Well

Matthew 21.1-11

1. To remind us that we have a Bible that is both integrated and authoritative

  • Zechariah 9.9

2. Because Jesus has died to the need to be understood

  • Mark 8.31-33
  • Mark 9.30-32
  • Mark 10.32-34
  • Luke 19.41-42

3. Jesus knows that reconciliation is necessary

  • 1 Peter 3.18
  • 1 Timothy 2.5-6

Four simple questions…

  • Why is there something rather than nothing? 
  • How did things get so bad? 
  • Is there any hope?
  • How will it all end?

4. To demonstrate that God has a plan and His life was a part of it

  • Luke 9.51

5. To give everyone hope

Mental worship…

  • If you knew you had one week to live what would you do and what would you stop doing?
  • Do you ever feel as if your life is a part of God’s plan for the world?
  • What is happening when you feel that way?
  • When we need someone’s approval they have power over us. Having said that, who has power over you?
  • Is your life more about getting God to bless your plan or getting you to believe His plan?