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Shine On...

Shine On…

In one of his most famous sermons, Jesus said, “Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” -Matthew 5.16

What I love about this passage is the permission to be outright extravagant. Jesus is telling us to orient our lives around blessing people in such a tangible and overwhelming way that they will be compelled to respond. For those of us who struggle to have the right words to say, this is a reminder that doing good things makes it that much easier to start the conversation. You will so baffle the world around you that it will require an explanation.

Doing “good works” is in direct correlation to one of Grand Parkway’s core values…blessing. Listen to how that is defined: “When God set his affection on His people, He rooted this relationship in blessing. His words to Abraham were, ‘I will bless you, and you will be a blessing. Through you all the nations of the world will be blessed.’ Since God has so faithfully demonstrated this reality in our lives, we are now empowered with the privilege of being to others what God has been to us. Whether this is through our efforts to alleviate poverty, practice Spirit-led generosity or engage in international assistance, we take seriously the biblical mandate to be who the Bible says we are. All of these efforts are fueled by our desire to help others see God for who He really is and themselves for who they can be.”

Throughout the year, you will begin to see invitations from our church to do good works, along with this logo, “Shine on…”

You will be given “short notice” opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our community. Most will require very little effort or planning on your part; you just need to show up.

We’ll let you know the date, time, place and plan—all you need to do is show up & SHINE!