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Time Spent With God

Time Spent With God

Our relationship with the Lord is just that, a relationship. Time spent with Him in prayer and in His Word, the Bible, are primary ways to see that relationship grow in intimacy.

In order to give you some very practical examples of how to get started, we asked a few women to share different ways they spend time with the Lord.

This week you’ll hear from Camille Denton.

There is a lot of talking that goes on, and at times I have been known to be running with my arms stretched out because I feel His presence.

— Camille

I love reading God’s word but many times if I just pick it up and start reading, I am easily distracted. This is one of the main reasons why I love doing bible studies that have homework involved. Not only does this hold me accountable to spending time with him every day but it also keeps my mind and “busy body” on task. I need structure in most things in my life, and a guided homework-based bible study really suits the way He made me.

Other than reading in His word, there are a few scheduled and unscheduled moments where I get to be still, talk and listen with Him. In my current season with a 4-year-old at home and a 10-year-old at school, we spend our morning drive praying with each other and thanking God for the new morning and giving us a fresh start to be a light today. This puts me in the right mood, as it also does for my children. There are some days I get to go on a long run and I love spending that time with Him. There is a lot of talking that goes on, and at times I have been known to be running with my arms stretched out because I feel His presence. This is not a moment where I am “still”—but though my body is moving, my mind is completely at rest with Him. Throughout the course of my life, my closest encounters with God have always been outside. For whatever reason, that is where He speaks to me the most (or where I listen the most) and running outside with Him, discussing life and praying for others is typically the highlight of my day.

There are many things I do throughout the week that require me to jump from here to there to here again, therefore quiet time with Him is not scheduled or really thought about until I find myself in a situation where I have to sit and wait (ex: car dealership, school, doctor’s office, Chick-Fil-A drive-through, car pick-up line, etc.). A few years back someone encouraged me to get a pocket bible (smaller than your hand) to keep in my purse. In these times of waiting throughout my day, I open up my pocket bible and just read. Many times when the wait is over I did not receive a life-changing alteration with our Lord, but man it is good for my soul to spend some time with Him.

Camille is happy to answer any questions you may have about growing in intimacy with God.