Missions is being intentional with how you live, what you communicate and Who you obey while letting others watch. It involves going as well as staying so everyone has a part to play in the story God is telling and all are invited to use their lives to demonstrate God’s plan for the world. On mission we are reminded of the bigness of what God is doing and that we are never alone.

Houston Welcomes Refugees- Interest Meeting

If you have interest in serving on a welcome team for a refugee family, our church will be host...

Costa Rica

For over a decade, we supported a work to reach the Guyami people of Costa Rica. We continue to support that work through annual indigenous pastor equipping trips.


We partner with Stephen and Sabrina Marshall and their ministry of church planting in Lyon, France. The Marshalls’ ministry has already planted 4 churches in the Lyon area and has a goal of seeing 100 more new churches in Lyon (1 church per 10,000 people).

Human Trafficking

We partner with The Landing to address the human trafficking epidemic in Houston. The Landing is a local organization that operates a daytime drop-in center for survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

Local Schools

We are engaged with Mission West Elementary, Oyster Creek Elementary, and Austin High School.

Park Slope Community Church (Brooklyn, NY)

Park Slope Community Church is focused on reaching the community of Brooklyn, New York. We partner with the Dagley family and their church-plant team whose calling is to live missionally in the city and spread the gospel to this community.

Redemption Church (Portland, OR)

We partner with the Brown family to plant a church in the Albina District of Portland, Oregon. The Albina District, like much of Portland, is sparse in the area of biblical gospel preaching and teaching.


We partner with Houston Welcomes Refugees to engage the over 2500 refugees that relocate to the Houston area annually. These persons have been forced to flee their home countries due to violence, war and persecution.


Since 2011, Grand Parkway has partnered with Ovidiu and Adina Petric, who run a local outreach center, to bring the Good News of Jesus to the villages in Romania.

South Asia

We have partnered with Derek Schuessler and his work with For All Mankind Movement (FAMM), an organization that reaches the unreached and equips the locals to be missionaries to their own people.

Unplanned Pregnancy

We Partner with the Pregnancy Resource Medical Center (PMRC) of Rosenberg. They are dedicated to all women who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

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Brent Wildeson, Teaching Pastor